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OnCore Golf was founded in 2011 with the goal of creating high performance golf balls & introducing technologies that help golfers improve their game. For their first 9 years in business OnCore innovated on golf ball technology through many exciting product releases.

In 2020 OnCore Golf reached out to Helm with a new directive, to create a culture of innovation and technology within the growing sporting goods company. This would be done through the creation and management of new apps aimed at helping golfers improve their play. This was a big shift as the company previously was focused solely on the physical manufacturing of new golf ball products.

Process & Approach

First up was an app called GolfBoost which OnCore had recently acquired. The app is an AI powered training platform for new golfers which had modest traction. OnCore and Helm both agreed that the app could be taken to the next level by focusing on improving the user experience.

Helm initiated the project by conducting user interviews. We deployed our agile design process, fostering close collaboration with key stakeholders and their development team. Our efforts were concentrated in these core areas:

User Research

GolfBoost had some active users of the product. Through many interview sessions we were able to create empathy maps for the current users which would act as a guide to some of the immediate improvements we wanted to make.

Through these efforts we learned that users often got stuck or wondered what was next when recording their swing for review. We also learned that users were getting served the same training videos repetitively.

UX Design

As our early testing of the app demonstrated we had to improve what was setup as a confusing onboarding sequence for users of the app. This old process required that users sign up and pay before seeing any value in the product. Our adjusted strategy was to quickly get users into the product so they could get an AI lesson immediately, by adopting this workflow we aimed to reduce the churn of first time users to the product and give them a sense of why they should pay for the app.

UI Design

Though the technology behind the app was impressive, the visuals were beginning to show their age. The creation of an updated brand and a design system modernized the app so it felt in line with competitors. This design system also expedited future development efforts by creating reusable components that would be used again in future features.

Product Management

Helm loves working with teams. One of our first actions was to get integrated into the external dev team’s project management software. Through this tool and weekly checkins we were able to set priorities and guide the development with the stakeholder’s input.

The result was a rapid process integrating the updated designs and features with the Helm team providing product guidance and updated designs a step ahead of the development team.


Many of us at Helm are crazy about golf. So when we get to build technology to serve that community it becomes something pretty special for us. OnCore came to us with the goal of creating a culture of innovation at the company.

Through detailed analysis and planning we have been able to do this by creating a library of new digital products; a new and improved user experience for the GolfBoostAI app, a redesigned and newly launched  app for green reading, and an exciting new product that will be launching in mid-2024.

Today OnCore is gearing up for a big year of growth in their newly founded Innovations line of business. The improvements to GolfBoost AI have made it so that product can be actively marketed and they can grow the userbase against similar competitors. Also Helm has been hard at work on additional prototyping and R&D for other apps that OnCore aims to launch in 2024. Through our work the company aims to leverage technology to grow high profit margin digital products that educate and delight members of the golf community around the world.

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