West Herr: Hands-on Digital Innovation

Expanding Digital Capabilities Internally


When West Herr Automotive Group, one of the largest dealership groups in the U.S., approached us at Helm they wanted a leap into the digital future and to further strengthen their "digital muscles". That's where our expertise came into play.

Our mission was to elevate West Herr's digital capabilities, allowing them to explore innovative business lines and offer superior customer experiences. They sought a partner to help expand their  capabilities, and Helm has been working in the digital dojo for decades.


Business Discovery

We first dove deep into understanding West Herr’s unique needs. Our team engaged in comprehensive discussions and workshops, which gave us a clear insight into their existing digital capabilities and areas ripe for innovation. We wrote hypotheses of what we imagined the outcome might be from our efforts. This close collaboration was crucial in shaping our strategic approach.

The angle was holistic, looking at both the internal needs of West Herr’s team and the external engagement with their customers. We knew that a successful solution would not only streamline internal operations but also significantly enhance the customer experience.

Together, we identified an opportunity to build a tool that allowed them to easily create vehicle  and promote specials across their network of dealerships. This would allow them to easily spin up and show off the different deals you commonly see when shopping for your next vehicle.

UX/UI Design

The heart of our work lay in the UX/UI Design process. Recognizing that both the internal team needed to work in the “Specials Tool” regularly, and West Herr’s customers needed intuitive and engaging interfaces, we focused on crafting designs that were not only visually appealing but also user-friendly.

This process involved creating MidFi and HiFi wireframes and interface mockups that provided a visual representation of the final product.  Our design team worked closely with West Herr to ensure that every element of the user interface met their specific needs and aligned with their brand identity.


Prototyping was a key component of assuring our work meets the expectations of end users. After all, it needs to have utility, be usable, and have a brand-feel that ties closely to the automotive group.

By creating functional prototypes of the web application, we were able to demonstrate early versions of the product to West Herr. This approach allowed for real-time feedback and iterative improvements, ensuring that the final product was perfectly attuned to their needs. Prototyping served as a bridge between design and development, allowing us to test ideas, explore different solutions, and refine user experiences before we went on to development.

Custom Software Development: Developing the Vehicle Specials Builder

The Vehicle Specials Builder was created as a core tool for West Herr’s team. We proceeded to write the code for a system that was not only functional but also intuitive, allowing the team to manage vehicle specials with ease and efficiency.

We started by building a robust backend system that could handle the complex data management involved in listing and updating vehicle specials. The interface was designed to be user-friendly, enabling the admin team to easily input, edit, and manage various aspects of vehicle specials, such as pricing, descriptions, images, and availability.

One of the key features we developed was a dynamic dashboard that provided a real-time overview of all the specials. This was equipped with tools for sorting, filtering, and searching, making it easy for the team to create new vehicle specials.

Crafting the Customer Portal

The consumer-facing side of the application was developed with a strong focus on user experience. We wanted to ensure that customers visiting the portal would find it easy to browse through the vehicle specials, find information, and make informed decisions. The design of this portal was clean, modern, and aligned with West Herr’s branding, providing a seamless visual and interactive experience.

We incorporated advanced search and filter functionalities, allowing customers to easily find vehicles based on their preferences, such as make, model, price range, and more. Each vehicle listing was designed to provide comprehensive information at a glance, including high-quality images, detailed specifications, and special pricing. We also focused on the responsiveness and speed of the portal, ensuring that customers would have a smooth and efficient browsing experience, regardless of the device they were using.


Through our design and software development efforts, we provided West Herr with powerful tools that transformed their approach to managing and promoting vehicle specials, marking a significant step in their digital transformation journey. They now have a robust internal tool that empowers employees to manage vehicle specials effectively, saving time and resources.

The public-facing portal has enhanced the customer experience by providing an easy way for customers to find vehicles with special deals. Both the Vehicle Specials Builder and the consumer-facing portal were developed in tandem, ensuring seamless integration.

By acting as West Herr's digital product and  R&D team, Helm helped the group build their digital capabilities. They now possess an enhanced understanding of digital product development and user experience optimization, which positions them for sustained success in an increasingly digital world.

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