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Our mission is simple, unlock business growth with design and technology. If you want to make your experience the best it can be, we’d love to hear from you and make it happen.

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Why Helm?

The answer is simple. We're a cross-functional team with decades of experience designing and building impactful software products.

Founded in 2014

Helm was founded in 2014 by Jonathan Gorczyca and Nicholas Barone. They lead full-service digital teams to solve business problems through the use of design and technology.

With their team at Helm, they have successfully seeded, nurtured, and advanced companies, created high-value technology products, and forged lasting relationships with the people they work with.

Our focus is to build digital solutions that are modern, effective, and goal driven. We have a passion for interaction, strategy, and media. Our work has consisted of web and mobile applications, interface libraries, engaging tools, and lasting products.

We work with businesses to craft vision, designing and building whatever a project requires. Our product teams apply methods that satisfy your users and provide exceptional value to stakeholders. They are digital natives who truly love the practices of creation and design.