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An ordinary website is like a whisper in a hurricane – unnoticed, unheard, and unremarkable. Your site is the heart of your digital identity and it's time to upgrade. Get rid of that mundane, cookie-cutter look.

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Your 8-Week Guide
to Website Excellence

Discovery: Sitemap & Content Outline

Together, we'll go into in-depth discovery sessions to perfectly align with your business goals and user needs. We'll hold collaborative sessions of structured Information Architecture (IA) workshops, laying the foundation for your website's content hierarchy.

Design & User Experience

Here, we'll create initial design concepts focusing on user experience, workflow design, and interaction design. These initial design concepts will prioritize content, site structure, and foundational elements of your site. In Week 3, we'll refine the UX designs and Middle-fidelity comps based on feedback, ensuring they are in sync with your company goals and UX best practices.

Design Meets Development: Integration

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Intensive Web Development

We'll continue to be actively developing your website and fine-tuning core functionalities, with a keen focus on responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility. This is when we'll be incorporating advanced features and integrations, such as APIs and third-party services, enhancing your website's capabilities.

QA & Deployment. It's Launch Time!

The team performs thorough QA testing, including user experience, performance testing, and browser checks. We'll confidently address any issues found and make necessary refinements. At this point, we're wrapping up, prepping and executing on the the website live deployment. We always ensure a smooth launch.

Are You Ready to Level-Up Your Site?

Get a Premium Website Built on Years of Expertise and Trust

We've transformed struggling websites into digital success stories, turning visitors into loyal customers, and businesses into industry leaders. Every business has a story, a unique narrative that sets it apart.

Trusted Web Partners

Your website is your digital dojo, a symphony of functionality, design, and utility. It should tell your story, resonate with your audience, and move customers to engage and buy.

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Navigate Digital Strategies

We know the digital world can be overwhelming. Helm is here to guide you through, turning complexity into simplicity.

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Stand Out on the Internet

In a sea of online presences, we ensure your website is a beacon - unique, compelling, and reflective of your brand’s identity and values.

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User-Centric Experiences

Your audience is at the heart of our design. We don't just build websites; we craft experiences that engage, captivate, and retain your customers.

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Beyond the Basics

Functionality is just the tip of the iceberg. We dive deeper, crafting a website that embodies your brand's ethos, engages your audience, and drives results.

People Like You Love Us

At Helm, we understand the challenges you face as a business striving to make a mark in the digital realm. We work with people looking to stand out on the internet.

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“The folks at Helm are great to work with and we are proud of the finished website.”

Ken N.

Partner at Touchstone
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"Outstanding company! Very professional and their work is excellent.
I high recommend them"

Ralph P.

CIO at Mobile Primary Care
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“They brought high caliber UX design expertise and insight to our project, and I couldn't possibly be more pleased.”

Jake W.

CTO at CSS Clinical
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“I would strongly their services to produce innovative, alluring, and highly-functional websites.”

Mark B.

VP at Seneca Holdings
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“With Helm's tailored design and development, we turned a unique idea into a thriving site. They got our vision, and together we've made a real impact.”

Gary W.

CEO at Product Peddlers
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Premium Websites for Unique Companies

You're craving a premium website and digital presence that doesn't just exist - but dominates. That's where we come in.

Your Competitors Aren't Waiting. Act Now.

It's easy to kick this down the line and ignore it - but you're missing out on a major opportunity.

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Mobile-Responsiveness Muck

In a world glued to smartphones, some websites still act like it's 1999. If your site can't keep up with the times, you're done.

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A Sea of Sameness

Most websites out there are about as exciting as watching paint dry. They blend into the background, indistinguishable from the next.

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The User Experience Blunder

Do you have a website that's grown into a confusing labyrinth with no exit? Where the journey ends before it even begins?

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Barely Functional Fallacy

Many settle for a website that just 'works.' But why settle against competition? You're not here to just 'function.' You're here to conquer.

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Our Premium UX Website service is a testament to our commitment to excellence in web development and design. We've worked with 100's of businesses to create websites that get results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and we have answers.

How do I start the process of getting a new website?

Begin by defining your goals, target audience, and desired features. Then, choose a reliable web development partner who has years of experience and a proven process to get premium results. The best firms will guide you along the way.

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What are the key elements of a successful website?

A successful website combines aesthetic design that's unique to your brand, user-friendly navigation, engaging content that answers the users questions, and  functionality that serves your businesses. It's easy to just think you need a brochure as your website but you want it to be a tool for your organization.

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Can I create a website myself or should I hire professionals?

Plenty of DIY tools exist, from Squarespace to Wix and more. Those might be a good fit for those who have very limited budget and want to spend time to learn the tools. Professional designers and web developers ensure a more effective, customized, and scalable website that's a better fit for companies looking to stand out and tell a powerful story.

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What technology should my website use?

The truth is that the technology depends on your website's purpose. That said, you likely want a Content Management System (CMS) like Wordpress or Webflow. We recommend technologies that your team is comfortable with so that updating is easy and not a time-suck.

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What are ongoing costs after a website is built?

Ongoing costs can include hosting; where the code will live on a server somewhere and be served up to your customers when they visit your website. Domain renewal, which is the yearly payment for that web address; usually minimal unless you have a really valuable domain name. Then, maintenance and updates over the long term should be considered.

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Can I integrate my website with other tools and platforms I use?

Yes, definitely. Depending on the need, you might require a simple plugin or more complex custom development. Weaving other platforms into your website is a great way to further engage customers and keep your operations in order. We can integrate various tools and platforms for CRM, e-commerce, social media, etc., depending on your needs.

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How can I ensure my website is future-proof?

Using Design Systems helps with scalability and expanding your site as it grows. You should also use flexible architectures to assure the tech stays powerful in the long term. Also consider choosing technologies that are common so that if you have to go to another web developer there will be more of them available to you.

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What is the best way to showcase my products or services on my website?

Start with high-quality images and detailed descriptions so that your customer builds confidence and can accurately assess what they're buying. With that, add testimonials and case studies effectively build trust and showcase your offerings.

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How do I determine the right style and design for my website?

Get aligned with your company stakeholders on how you want the world to perceive your business. The style should reflect your brand identity and appeal to your target audience, but it's easy to muddy the waters with a misaligned team. We help identify and implement the right aesthetic through a series of strategic design workshops with you.

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How do I convert website visitors into customers or leads?

Converting website visitors is all about the offer you present to them. Start by understanding who your customer is and what their pains are. Then, through strategic design, clear calls-to-action, and optimized user journeys you can guide them to conversion (their goal).

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What is responsive design and why is it important?

Responsive design ensures your website looks and functions well on all devices, like tiny mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers. This is crucial for user experience (UX) and SEO. Many forget about mobile and cram too much into a small space. Consider taking a "mobile first" approach if your target customer is primarily visiting your website from their mobile phones.

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